The best 5 home devices for your perfect health

This generation is pretty fitness conscious and doesn’t mind spending big bucks in the gym. In-fact they bring the gym home in case they cannot visit one regularly because of the long working hours. If you are planning to spend some money on gym equipment then maybe this list of five devices which you can bring home will be of some help.


Treadmills are the first. They are not only great for health but are a style statement as well. Spending thirty minutes on the treadmill will cover your cardio workout. The first ten minutes go into the walk, then the next 10 minutes go into tempo and the last 10 minutes are for cooling down. You can choose between a thirty minute hill workout, and a thirty endurance work out. The hill workout will burn a lot of calories, and strengthen the body whereas the endurance workout adds the number of capillaries and mitochondria. The minimum size of a treadmill should be 16 inches x 48 inches. An expensive treadmill will help by automatically varying the intensity of the workout and change the simulation from downhill to uphill.

Massage chairs

Massage chairs are the latest addition to health care. These chairs provide relaxation to the back, the neck and the shoulders. But that’s not all. This chair can also help you massage your hips, calves, feet and full arms. This becomes important for everyone of us including elderly people who need a massage because of their age and for youngsters because of their wrong posture. The massage is very effective that its rightly called deep tissue massage. The LCD screen present on the remote of these chairs tells you exactly which treatment is going on. These treatments can be customized and serve exactly 106 body types.

Rowing machine

This is another machine which you can bring home for fitness. This is useful for cardio and strength building. It is a pretty hardcore form of exercise and works on all major muscles of arms, legs and the core and I strictly suggest a warm up before you hop on to this machine. Ten to fifteen minutes of rowing everyday should do the trick. The resistance of 2-3 is perfect for a beginner and experts can set it to 3-5. To read more about rowing machine visit this site.

Inversion Chairs

This is another machine you can bring home to solve the perpetual back ache problem. How it works is that it helps reduce the load on the bones, joints and discs present in the lower back. The inversion chair creates a traction force through the spine which helps the pain. The formula is simple. The gravitational pull applied on the back heals the pain. The angle of inclination can be chosen by you so don’t be discouraged by the thought of the upside down position.


Lastly let’s talk about the most popular piece of gym equipment which you can bring home-the dumbbells. A quick tip about using the dumbbells the right way is that you should feel your muscles getting tired after 8-12 reps. Also, another advantage of this form of exercise is that both limbs do the same amount of work.

Health is always in vogue and that is reflected in the popularity of these gym equipments. So, don’t wait longer and don’t think more and bring your gym home.