How can I grow taller ?

Many people these days are not happy about their heights, this has made them less confident and troubled since they are not as tall as they would have been. Because of this many are wondering about how to grow taller. You will realize that growing taller is actually easier than it seems. Men stop growing taller at the age of 20 to 24 while women stop growing taller at the second year after going through their menstruation period. This however does not stop you from getting to know easier ways of getting rid of such a tight spot.

The following are methods on how to grow taller:

1. The first method is to go through limb lengthening procedure, though this method is risky, but it is a modern way of lengthening the limbs through technology or taking pills that help to increase a personal’s heights even though when it is past your age growing.

2. You must eat healthy foods, when you do this be assured of growing taller in a natural way. The foods you eat play a major role in increasing our heights that is why it is necessary to eat a well balanced diet. Avoid fatty, caffeine, liquor and sugary foods and eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. Add mineral and vitamin in your diet as these can be of help in increasing height.

3. Exercising regularly help you in growing taller and strengthen and enlarge the bones in your legs, it is important to do exercise if you want to increase your height. Plan your time properly and exercise on a daily basis. You can try the following exercise, perpendicular hanging; cobra stretch .You should also consider forward backbone stretch. These exercises can be done at home without necessary incurring any cost for the gym. They can also be done in less than two hours a day or three times a week.

4. Have adequate sleep, take enough sleep if you want to grow in height this is so because growing happens most when the body is resting or sleeping, this does not mean to rest the entire day, but you must take an adequate sleep which is usually eight to nine hours every night. You must also consider your sleeping position as this may affect the growth of your height. Make sure you sleep straight without curving your spine while sleeping. It is important to sleep on a mattress which is not too soft, if you can sleep without a pillow, if that is not impossible then use a thin pillow and try to sleep on your back not on the sides.

Even with the above methods of how to grow taller, getting taller can be difficult because you may not realize the results immediately; however this means that if you desire to grow taller you must be patient and consistent with the above method as given to achieve the required results. It should also be noted that getting taller does not matter how old you are so long as you practice the above process correctly you would see gradual increase in your height after a period of time.