What do we need to buy a new cat ?

All animal lovers have long been familiar with the pet stores and pet supplies that have opened in recent years, if in the past we were used to small stalls selling some fish and cheap food for dogs and cats then today we are entering a pet supplies store equipped with all kinds of gadgets and pitchfaxes along with supplements And a healthy diet for our animals.

We pet owners entering these equipment stores find it hard to resist the temptation to buy some toy for our cute animal and so in every shopping bag we buy some small chopper once it’s a toy and once it’s a snack, sometimes it will be a particular item the animal needs.

This animal shopping culture has made these stores a thriving empire, and every corner of the country is opening up new and luxurious animal equipment stores boasting convenient and cheap shipping services, thus competing with the shoppers.

Just as big writers compete with each other on club card promotions and discounts, so do pet equipment stores and try to attract every buyer with gifts in every purchase and significant discounts, so you should follow the deals and discounts online and choose a store to go to.

The differences in prices between large and small parking lots are increasing again as in the writer’s world and more and more it is nowadays worthwhile to move to the same large and invested parking spaces because it is ultimately embodied in the price.

So before you choose an animal supplies store from which you want to buy food and supplies for your animal, do your homework and look for more parking spaces in your area that offer their wares

So what should a new cat buy in the family?

Adoption basket

Adoption basket that includes vaccines and worms, and sometimes sterilization and neutering costs USD 70 to USD 80.

If you want a purebred cat sold in stores for puppies of a Scottish cat, the prices are USD 250-300. These are also prices for Percy and Siamese puppies.

Preliminary objects

Objects that must be purchased upon adoption are a carrying basket. The common carrying cages cost between NIS 100 and NIS 150, the more cushioned and more designed and suitable for flight can also reach USD 20-40.

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Another item is a plate for food and drink, which costs USD 10-20.

Open needs cases cost USD 40, the majority prefer closed ones that cost about NIS 250.

Scraping surfaces and toys depend on your needs 10-15 USD

Cat Toys

Being locked at home 24 hours a day isnt easy, and you want to ease the pressure on your pet! For this you need to buy toys that will keep himn busy.
One of the best toys to buy is fish cat toy, and you can buy it here.


Once we have the cat in our hands, we must also raise it to feed it, take it to the vet, replace sand and the like. How much does it cost?

Cat sand

Popular cat sand prices are Crystal and Aberdeen. The expenditure is usually USD 20 per month. You can buy the best cat litters in this article

Cat Portable Bottle

If you are taking your dog out, taking a portable bottle water is a must! You must take into account dehydreation and simiar issues. Never skip this item!

Cat food

The price of 1.5 kilos of dry cat food is 30-50 USD and about 65 USD a month. If the cat is hungry or unhealthy, it can also reach 50 USD a month.

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