How to Make a Friend Fall in Love with You

Love is like a sailor with blind folds on, who seems to always anchor us at unexpected places. We can never truly know whom we will fall in love with beforehand, to some extent we have no control over this process, but we are responsible for initiating and building the relationship that develops.

Falling in love with a friend can be a very beautiful thing for both of you because you both know and can understand each other well, this will make your relationship exciting, enjoyable and increase its chances of success. But it can also be a confusing experience if you do not know how to go about it and you lose good friends if you do not go about this tactfully.

Here are 6 steps to guide you go about making that your lady friend fall in love with you:


Understanding is the cornerstone of every relationship; this is why couples who have been together for long seem so inseparable. The only way to build this sort of understanding is to spend time together. Use every little excuse to be around her and try to engage in revealing conversations.

This is particularly important because you must know if your friend is whom you feel she is. Use this period to really find out from yourself if you really want to begin relationship with her, as it may have damning effects on your friendship.

2.Be Her Dream Man:

Being close to her gives you the unique advantage of being able to know what she really loves in a man. If you do not know this, ask her cleverly without setting off any triggers, for example ask her what celebrity she would date, and use her answer as a guide. Always look smart and confident, as women love men who know what they want and are assertive. If she has an upcoming birthday, don’t forget to send her a birthday message, and say how luck you are to know her!

You should note that becoming her dream man does not in any way mean losing yourself. No, quite on the contrary it means you should work on your unique personality to reflect what she is looking for. Say she loves well built men and you are, well slightly heavy then try to get in shape or if she loves talking and having all the attention then try to listen to her with all focus. With time she will begin to notice, appreciate and fall in love with you.

3.Show You Care:

The goal of the aforementioned points is to get your image imprinted in her mind, so that she eagerly looks forward to meeting you every time. Show her you care, not only by giving little gifts and granting favors or bombarding her with nice words, you should also be interested in her problems.

Women love men who care for them enough to show interest in their worries, if it is within your means, surprise her by taking care of some of the issue troubling her.

4.Time & Timing:

Getting a lady to fall in love with you takes some time; you want to make her come around to the thought all on her own. To achieve this you have to be patient, it is like hunting, old hunters tell stories of how they go to the bush, set traps and WAIT, for hours sometimes days until eventually an animal comes along.

In a far more pleasant way, getting a lady to fall in love with you is the same. The power of auto-suggestion and the energy around you will eventually communicate what you feel to her as her, all you need to do is continue with the steps laid out and make the thought register in her. As ironic as this may sound most women will fall in love with a man who doesn’t rush to have sex with them. So be calm about it and show her respect, it will make her want you.

Make yourself scarce from time to time, it will give her a chance to realize how much you mean to her, but don’t do this too much because it may send the wrong message.

5. Tell Her:

If you thought you would escape this step, well it seems to only happen that way in movies. Telling her doesn’t mean take the ‘what the heck approach’, rather by following these steps you are like a farmer tilling the soil before he plants. Because he tilled, his seeds are easily buried and can shoot out roots to get nutrients from and grow in the soft soil.

You will know when it is right to tell her, it is when she always smiles and is always happy to be with you, never missing a chance to catch an eye contact… will get the message somehow. In reveling your feelings to her, be honest and give her a chance to think about it, even though most of the time this is just a lady formality, it shows you are really in love with her and not in search of a good time.

Don’t put yourself through the torture of weighing your feelings and friendship, most of the time you will end up taking the wrong decision anyway. Life is too short, beautiful and fragile to lock the doors of your heart to love. So reach out today and get that friend to also fall in love with you.

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