The Family Site Mon, 05 Oct 2020 21:02:59 +0000 en-US hourly 1 What do we need to buy a new cat ? Wed, 15 Apr 2020 17:29:42 +0000 All animal lovers have long been familiar with the pet stores and pet supplies that have opened in recent years, if in the past we were used to small stalls selling some fish and cheap food for dogs and cats then today we are entering a pet supplies store equipped with all kinds of gadgets and pitchfaxes along with supplements And a healthy diet for our animals.

We pet owners entering these equipment stores find it hard to resist the temptation to buy some toy for our cute animal and so in every shopping bag we buy some small chopper once it’s a toy and once it’s a snack, sometimes it will be a particular item the animal needs.

This animal shopping culture has made these stores a thriving empire, and every corner of the country is opening up new and luxurious animal equipment stores boasting convenient and cheap shipping services, thus competing with the shoppers.

Just as big writers compete with each other on club card promotions and discounts, so do pet equipment stores and try to attract every buyer with gifts in every purchase and significant discounts, so you should follow the deals and discounts online and choose a store to go to.

The differences in prices between large and small parking lots are increasing again as in the writer’s world and more and more it is nowadays worthwhile to move to the same large and invested parking spaces because it is ultimately embodied in the price.

So before you choose an animal supplies store from which you want to buy food and supplies for your animal, do your homework and look for more parking spaces in your area that offer their wares

So what should a new cat buy in the family?

Adoption basket

Adoption basket that includes vaccines and worms, and sometimes sterilization and neutering costs USD 70 to USD 80.

If you want a purebred cat sold in stores for puppies of a Scottish cat, the prices are USD 250-300. These are also prices for Percy and Siamese puppies.

Preliminary objects

Objects that must be purchased upon adoption are a carrying basket. The common carrying cages cost between NIS 100 and NIS 150, the more cushioned and more designed and suitable for flight can also reach USD 20-40.

More on consumer guides

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Another item is a plate for food and drink, which costs USD 10-20.

Open needs cases cost USD 40, the majority prefer closed ones that cost about NIS 250.

Scraping surfaces and toys depend on your needs 10-15 USD

Cat Toys

Being locked at home 24 hours a day isnt easy, and you want to ease the pressure on your pet! For this you need to buy toys that will keep himn busy.
One of the best toys to buy is fish cat toy, and you can buy it here.


Once we have the cat in our hands, we must also raise it to feed it, take it to the vet, replace sand and the like. How much does it cost?

Cat sand

Popular cat sand prices are Crystal and Aberdeen. The expenditure is usually USD 20 per month. You can buy the best cat litters in this article

Cat Portable Bottle

If you are taking your dog out, taking a portable bottle water is a must! You must take into account dehydreation and simiar issues. Never skip this item!

Cat food

The price of 1.5 kilos of dry cat food is 30-50 USD and about 65 USD a month. If the cat is hungry or unhealthy, it can also reach 50 USD a month.

How Does food affects our mood ? Fri, 17 May 2019 14:33:57 +0000 Today everyone knows food for has a vital role in maintaining mental health and physical health alike. Food, in addition it breaks our hunger, feeds us essential nutrients and provides a pleasant feeling of a good quality of life. Certain ways of eating specific foods can help us improve mood, maintaining a healthy function and aiding in depression, anxiety and mental health problems associated with mood disorders.

Dietary recommendations and their mental health benefit

Dietary recommendations for adults provide simple guidelines how to choose a healthy diet that works for the entire population and is relevant to people who experience mental health problems. Here are some examples of how these recommendations can benefit people suffering from depression or anxiety, in addition, of course, the physical health benefits.

Dietary recommendations for adults

Example of the mental health

Eat a variety of nutritious food

Increasing selection of foods can help in stimulating interest we have food when appetite was hurt. Appetite problems are a common symptom during depression and have many implications on mood and ability to cope with mental difficulties.

Eat plenty of vegetables, legumes and fruits

Green leafy vegetables, for example, are a particularly good source of folic acid. Are nutrients that can significantly enhance the effect of anti – depressants. This nutritional contribution can therefore shorten the duration of depression or anxiety and hasten recovery from mental health problems prevalence of these.

Eat many grains (bread, rice, pasta and breakfast cereals) is better whole grains.

Whole grains (which are also the core contains the germ), as well as fruits, vegetables and certain legumes, are “glycemic index” low. “Glycemic index” means low sugar is present in foods are absorbed slowly into the bloodstream. It stabilizes blood sugar levels and leads to mental and physical performance optimal. Stabilizing mood and preventing sharp fluctuations which are important condition treatment and recovery from depression and / or anxiety.

Consume low-fat beef, fish, chicken or vegetable alternatives

These foods are a source of supply of protein to the body. Proteins are composed of amino acids that are essential nutrients for repair and building of body cells. One of the essential amino acids (that the body can not produce them and must get them from food) is called tryptophan. Regular consumption of foods rich in protein ensures constant supply of tryptophan to the brain where it is used to make serotonin.

Serotonin is a brain chemical related to mood. Deficiency of serotonin can lead to depression and / or anxiety.

Oily fish such as tuna, mackerel, sardines and herring are an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Consumption of 500 mg of omega-3 a day is a good preventive measure for maintaining mental and physical health alike. 2-3 meals per week of oily fish or foods Mosrim Omega 3 (eggs, bread and milk) or dietary supplements of omega-3 will enable us to achieve this. has a significant correlation between a diet rich in omega-3 and low incidence of depression, anxiety and other mood problems.

Consume milk, yogurt, cheese or herbal alternatives. Selection should favor a reduced fat as possible.

Dairy foods are rich in nutrients that can be used as a tasty snack for people who experience decreased appetite and weight loss following depression or anxiety. Low-fat selection helpful to those trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy body weight. Milk is a good source of tryptophan. Drinking warm milk before going to bed can help sleep.

Drink lots of water

Drinking plenty of water can help concealing side effects of anti – Certain antidepressants, such as dry mouth and constipation. Drinking plenty of water can prevent dehydration. Been mild dehydration can affect mood and cause irritability and restlessness.

Limit saturated fat and moderate total fat intake.

This helps in keeping the body weight and promotes healthy metabolism and heart healthy.

Limit consumption of alcohol.

Heavy drinking can contribute to the emergence of depression or worsen existing depression because alcohol is a depressant. Even at moderate levels of consumption, alcohol interacts with anti – depressants and reduces their effectiveness.

Consume modest amounts of sugar or foods that contain added sugar.

Foods high in sugar are usually a good source of important nutrients and necessary.

Foods such as cakes, pastries and biscuits are rich in saturated fats typically raise blood cholesterol levels and increase weight gain. Sweetened sodas and have a high glycemic index and cause rapid increase in blood glucose levels. Rapid rise in blood sugar levels leading to accelerated decline of these levels leaves us with feelings of fatigue, exhaustion and low mood.

Limit consumption of caffeine

Avoiding caffeine is a wise move for people who experience anxiety. Caffeine, especially those who are sensitive to it, increases anxiety and insomnia contributes. Coffee, tea, energy drinks and cola drinks contain caffeine, as well as cocoa and chocolate in lower doses. Those who experience anxiety is desirable to limit the intake of caffeine equivalent of two cups of coffee or 4-5 cups of tea.

How to choose the best above ground pools for you! Fri, 17 May 2019 14:31:34 +0000 Selecting the best above ground pool is usually a difficult task. Everyone wants something long lasting and cost effective at the same time, something that is worth your money. A careful decision should be made when selecting an above ground pool for yourself to avoid purchasing something of low quality, which will cost you more money in the long run owing to frequent repairs. The in-ground installation of swimming pools are normally very expensive, and this is where above ground pools come into play. This is the best alternative for those persons who wish to enjoy a swimming experience at their premises, and moreover at an affordable price.

Choosing the finest above ground pool requires one to have vital background information regarding the types of these products available on the market, their pros and cons, and previous reviews regarding them. Here you will find adequate information about four impeccable above ground pools, their pros, and cons, that will aid you in selecting only the first-rate brands that will leave you satisfied and smiling.

1. Intex Easy Set 18ft X 48in Pool Set

This is one of the best and most popular above ground pools that you will find in today’s market. It is manufactured from first-rate laminated PVC sidewalls which makes it long-lasting. It has an amazing 5500 gallons capacity, plus it can be installed easily and water filled-up faster. This brand also has Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter pump which ensures perfect water circulation, making the water freshened and clear. It comprises of a ground cloth, debris cover, and a pool ladder. If you want to move it frequently, you can try Intex hot tub (listed here for $200).
• Has a washable ground cloth and debris cover.
• Has an easily cleanable pool pump, which is very durable.
• This product comes with a suitable drain plug.
• Not appropriate to set in muddy or sandy regions or zones with soft soil.

2. IPool Deluxe Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool with Filter Pump and Heater Upgrade

For those people looking for a pool to improve their swimming skills and practice, then this is the best option. This product comprises of a Velcro harness, which is just enough to support people of different sizes safely. It also comprises of a filter pump, pool ladder, heater, patch repair kit and a ground mat. The water pool heater makes this pool suitable to use throughout the year. This pool has a water capacity of around 1500 gallons.

• The heater allows users to use it throughout the year
• Comes in a suitable size which can fit even in a house.
• The best option for athletes recuperating from injury.
• The harness is built to endure any resistance levels.

• Its small size limits users to only exercising in the pool.
• Expertise is needed to install the heater

3. Heritage TA 301552GP-DXP Taos Complete Above Ground Pool

It comes in a big size, hence suitable for placement in a yard. It comes in an oval shape with exquisite structures and built of highly durable materials. It’s highly durable and comfortable, which are largely credited to the vinyl lining on the interior. The pool set comes with all the things necessary to install this pool, though you may require a hand or two since it can prove quite difficult at times due to its big size. Its sturdy galvanized frame makes it more durable throughout all season, therefore you won’t have to worry about moving it.

• It can accommodate a large number of people.
• Suitable for pool parties.
• Very comfortable and durable due to its high-quality materials.
• This pool can easily be winterized with appropriate cover and water control.Cons
• Difficult to set up due to its large size.

4. Embassy Pool 4-1800 PARA 100 Above Ground Pool, 18’ Ft X 52” Inches

 A great above ground pool which comes in a circular shape and built of highly durable and fine materials. It is a very strong pool with proper steel supports as well as an attractive vinyl interior pool lining. It’s a great option if you prefer partial in-ground pool installation or setting up with decking. This pool also comprises of a ladder, sand filter, manual skimmer and, an hp pump.

• The structure of the pool is strong and flexible- the interior and the steel supports.
• Highly durable
• It’s not necessary to drain or tear apart this pool as you can winterize it.

• This pool requires the ground to be leveled before installation.
The above ground pool brands are some of the finest, with many advantages that should make you enjoy a swimming experience at your home, at any time of the year, and moreover, you can invite your friends over. Make a point to look out for this four brands out there in the market and you won’t be disappointed
Best Home Remedies for Chest Congestion Fri, 17 May 2019 14:26:32 +0000 Home remedies refer to the basic treatments that have been continuously taken by people people since time immemorial for the treatment of some ailments that are not serious. The following is a list of the various remedies that have been in use for a long time in treating chest ailments.


Whether raw or cooked, onions can be regularly used for reducing congestion in the chest. When taken, onions normally reduce the thickness of the mucous that is causing the congestion. The presence of two important ingredients in the onions (quercetin and sulfur) aids to thin the mucous membrane hence easing congestion. It is one of the most effective, best home remedy for chest congestion and you you can swallow about five blended onions before heading to sleep at night.

Hot Water

Hot water helps very much in reducing and dissolving thick layers of mucous that block the chest. Therefore it is advisable to always take hot water when thirsty to help in doing away with congestion. It also helps you cough out the mucous phlegm after it is dissolved. Some gargle hot salty water a couple of times in a day as it is also very effective and truly is relieving.

Honey and Lemon

Honey is an amazing and effective cough suppressant that reduces chest congestion within a few days. Drink one teaspoon of honey daily when you are having such congestion or on the other hand mix warm water with honey and take it. The antibacterial components in honey help to reduce any infections arising in the chest and the whole respiratory system.

Black Coffee

When suffering from chest congestion, breathe shortness and coughs it would of importance to try a warm cup of black coffee as it is an amazing solution to these problems. Take two or one cup of black coffee but do not exceed more than three cups if you are at all you are an asthmatic. This is because excessive consumption of caffeine can result to extreme worse effects in such as increased heart beats and rise in blood pressure.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is an anti-bacteria and an analgesic therefore it aids in the reduction of chest inflammations and congestion. Patients can buy some ginger made candies that help in soothing the respiratory tract. Some people also take a mixture of honey and powdered ginger which is okay as it has been found to reduce chest congestion problems.

Increasing the room humidity

When the room humidity is raised, a patient suffering from chest congestion will be able to breathe with ease. This is because high levels of humidity results to an increase of water vapor in the house. This water vapor gets into the lungs of the patient and eases mucous removal in the respiratory tract. Hence it would be a wise choice to run a humidifier in your room and especially during the night before retiring to bed.

Eucalyptus oil

Like ginger, eucalyptus oil also contains some very important analgesic and antibacterial antibacterial and analgesic components. Add about five drops of this oil into bucket of boiled water. After that cover the bucket and your face using a towel and inhale the home made solution. By doing this, you will be able to inhale the eucalyptus vapor right into the lungs. Remember to to do this procedure at least two times every day for you to attain fast relive.

Have Spicy Food

Spicy meals with ingredients like garlic, ginger and pepper help in reducing chest congestion due to their decongestant properties. Therefore taking foods with such spices can help in getting rid of respiratory bacteria from the chest. Spiced foods play a major role as far as reducing the mucous phlegm is concerned. In fact you might have noticed that you develop a running nose whenever you are eating spiced food.


Almost all the home remedies that have been mentioned help in reducing and treating chest congestion. However you are not limited to try all, for you to have the chance of identifying the best and most effective among them for your health. If you are looking for a solution to constant chest congestion without the need of enslaving your body to prescription drugs, feel free to try these amazing remedies.

Alexandria’s Genesis Fri, 17 May 2019 06:03:02 +0000 Alexandria’s Genesis is considered to possess originated in historic Africa. It is a rare change in your inner genes that chanes the looks of anyone who is been infected with it. Even so, there’s been a whole lot of dialogue relating to the lifestyle. Because no one provides this problem inside present day, it is belief that that lead via a metropolitan legend (thehealthinfosite). This particular is responsible for rumours in whether it is genuine as well as fantastic. For example this kind of, down below can be a story regarding Alexandria’s Genesis.

Precisely what identification Alexandria’s Genesis?

Alexandria’s Genesis often known as violet eye is often a genetic mutation that triggers the eye area to get possibly blue, crimson, dull or perhaps purple coloration half a year soon after delivery. Nonetheless, in the course of teenage life a person’s eye shade increases to be able to violet-blue or perhaps royal-blue. The main difference coloured has no effect on an individuals potential to determine. The people with this innate mutation tend not to develop body, face, anal as well as crotch hair. They simply increase lashes, eyebrows, nose as well as go hair. Females using this condition are believed never to menstruate but they are fertile.

Additional resources show that the trouble might occur inside a number of signs or symptoms including whitened skin color that is certainly immune to sun tanning and burning up along with glistening. Girls using this problem are likely to get orange as well as african american hair. The problem halts aging around half a century and therefore, people by it could live around a hundred years. They do not gain pounds regardless of that they take in and possess very good system figure. They may be immune system to many illnesses consequently, that they seldom tumble unwell. Alexandria’s Genesis is believed for you to influence Caucasians, but it could affect interracial kids particularly whenever they get that from quite a few genes.

Source involving Alexandria’s Genesis

This kind of mutation is assumed to get originated in Egypt around One thousand years ago. A new baffling lighting placed above and everyone that will travelled outdoors after that created violet sight and also lighter skin. The people were termed as spirit individuals who gone north as well as disappeared. Nevertheless, the 1st scenario to be documented is at The united kingdom that year 1329 while a new born named Alexandria was given birth to along with violet sight. The woman after presented start to ladies who’d precisely the same issue and also were living over century. Additionally, the actual common variant that causes this issue is discovered during the 1960s.

Would it be genuine?

Boasts, which Alexandria’s Genesis has been in existence, have been around for therefore extended in ways that, it is feasible that the actual mutation is actual. You can find genetic strains contributing to be able to quick lifespans wherever kids expand quickly. As a result, it can be feasible to possess a genetic mutation that produces the contrary to take place. Additionally, there are some contests which are inclined to possess extremely working immunity processes. Therefore, any mutation which limitations how many times people become ill is possible. Additionally, it really is standard to think in which an individual with good fat burning capacity will not put on pounds irrespective of simply how much they will consume.

Final words

Innate different versions that can induce folks to get different eye colors, lighter pores and skin, and also excellent well being might occur. Therefore, we can easily deduce which Alexandria’s Genesis is a hereditary mutation that gives excellent skin care to its people.

5 important tips for a healthy, long life Fri, 17 May 2019 06:01:30 +0000 The phrase “health is wealth” has a profound meaning to it for many reasons. A sound mind and healthy body ensure a more active and happy lifestyle and there are endless ways to adopt good health habits based on a personal preference and needs. Here are 5 tips a person can benefit from and live worry free for a long time.

Proper water intake

A great portion of human survival depends on water. We’re reminded time and time again by health experts as well as doctors why drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day is necessary. It’s a magical potion that is cheap and has numerous benefits like reducing dehydration, helps get rid of toxins, keeps the urinary system running smoothly, helps with perspiration issues and even bowel movements and more. Also, according to various studies conducted, water also helps reduce weight and fights obesity by filling up the stomach and reducing hunger cravings.


For health conscious people, any form of exercise is a staple. But for people who like to take it easy and are laid back at times, not exercising is an alarming situation that needs to be taken control of before matters get worst. One doesn’t always have to hit the gym and spend countless hours to get into shape. A brisk walk or a good jog around the neighborhood is also essential on a condition that it should be practiced daily and for a decent amount of time.

Wear comforting work shoes

Feet are perhaps the most ignored part of the body when it comes to taking care of your health. We walk on them all day long and rest all of the body’s weight on them and so it is important that feet be taken care of so they can continue to serve their purpose for times to come. Wearing work boots that are designed ergonomically and in accordance with your foot shape are points not to be ignored. Because work can take you places and may at times require long term meetings and professional events where you’ll be spending hours of time, a proper fit will ensure a relaxing experience no matter wherever you are. Ladies should avoid wearing high heels often as they can cause issues like back problems and at worst affect the spinal cord. Here is a great guide for finding the perfect work shoes.

A balanced diet

With the advent of junk food weight issues have been haunting people for life, yet most of us fail to understand this and indulge in unhealthy snacks every now and then. Fried foods, burgers and soft drinks can put on massive amounts of weight in little time, which can be a real hassle to shed off. If one is not careful enough, being overweight can also lead to heart disease and other health problems. Eating a mix of vegetables, fruits, poultry and grains in proper portions on a daily basis is recommended by health experts and will result in controlled weight. A candy bar or snack is not bad but such food should not be consumed on a regular basis. Here is a great guide for a balanced diet.

Get enough sleep

If you wake up with a smiling face in the morning that actually means you’ve slept well but if you’re all cranky and in bad mood, it is most likely because you didn’t sleep well last night.No matter how busy or tough a day has been, it is of utmost importance to get a few hours of sound sleep to relax the mind and body.

How to become his perfect lover? Fri, 17 May 2019 05:59:24 +0000 For many women, the concept of mistress is the potential danger to a family. In fact, if you can become an ideal lover for her husband, which is significant will strengthen the bond between you  and reduce the risk that your husband will start looking at other women.  But how can a woman become the perfect lover for her husband – making him happy and satisfied with her?

The perfect lover – is a wise woman who wants and knows how to be in bed and most desirable for her husband. Amazingly, but sex in intimate relationships is not the most important thing. You can memorize the Kama Sutra, an artist possess the technology to perform all the exercises, but can not be single, which will have your husband. It does not matter if a woman has a stunning appearance or an African temper, as long as she knows how to be sexy. The survey conducted by VTsIOM sexuality as the basic quality, chose 55% of men, and only the second most important quality was appearance – it was selected 49% of men. But the brain in this survey was far from the first place. If you want a woman to love you – you got to be kind, gentle, and loving. Send her good morning messages, send her good night, and buy presents from time to time.

How to become sexy? According to many of the men who participated in the poll sexy woman is that does not hesitate to show his will and can make it a reality. To be next to a woman, a man must feel a desire for the erot that emanates from her. A sexy woman should love sex and enjoy it, and not just deal with it. It must be active in sex.

Someone must love yourself first, be sure and know his own. But we do not need to build yourself sensitive. Ideally, the representation of a woman for a safe man does not suffer from complexes for nothing. If you learn to accept and love yourself for who you are, regardless of your weight, height, small chest and broad hips, the same will be done, and the men around you. It is the ability to love yourself The difference between a pleasant woman and a pleasant woman in every way. The fact that you can change it last easily change, but it is not possible and therefore it is appropriate. That is why the girls, for example, are overweight, who smiles at her reflection in the mirror, and adhere to the principle that a good person should be a lot, there is no shortage of fans. If a woman loves herself, she goes out to meet a man, not because it’s necessary, but because she really wants to. She has a sex not to keep near a man, but because she loves him. Such a woman has always been and remains a mystery for men. What can be stronger than the desire to solve the riddle.

In order to get pleasure from sex and provide it to a partner, a woman should be relaxed. The arts flirt every woman in the blood. But why many people forget flirting that can not only in the past, but also during sex. Ticking and teasing your bed partner, you can get rid of the tension that binds your impulses and bring great pleasure to your partner and yourself. Do not forget that sex – a natural part of your love. Learn to enjoy what is happening, and then it will bring you incomparable pleasure. If, for example, a broken heel, act like a child from advertising – the second paragraph and move on (to the nearest shoe store or friend). The woman, who is not shy and unhindered behavior in this situation, 90% of the men occupy a woman, unhindered in bed.

Love give pleasure to your partner. Many modern women having sex think if a person can give pleasure MI. A perfect lover should remember that much depends on him. The basic rule of the ideal of sexual relationships is that you have to give more than accept.

One of the most dangerous enemies of a perfect relationship is just hints and clues in bed. It has long been known that a person is much better at grasping your wish if you tell him about it directly, without clues, especially in bed. Feel free to tell the partner how you like more. And if his words confirm the groans and sighs, then believe me, you should not ask next time. Reflex in air masculinity is produced much faster, and such a simple feature as “a pleasant caress – it settles” they remember very quickly.

As is known men are like when they make compliments, much more than women. A wise woman will always be able to praise her man so that he feels like the king of the world, but without insulting him, to mention that by paying more attention to her pleasant moments, he can make her happy.

Sexual relationships are happy, as a rule, affect both the spiritual and the positive material sphere of human activity. And as you know for a successful person is always a woman. And if the woman is also a perfect lover for her husband, she will be twice as successful.

All you need to know about hemorrhoids Fri, 17 May 2019 05:54:57 +0000 What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are actually blood vessels located in the anus which are for various reasons

And swollen, painful and even injured and bleeding.

Sometimes the swelling of the blood vessels occurs within the rectum (the anal canal) and sometimes they exit through the anus and protrude outward.

The mildest cases of hemorrhoids are the internal hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids that exit at the time of exit but are returned back inward or can be pushed back in easily.

The more severe cases of hemorrhoids are cases of external hemorrhoids that stay out all the time.

In any case, this is a painful, bothersome, itchy, disruptive, and potentially painful condition in any bowel movement.

In addition, hemorrhoids may cause the formation of an incision in the anus (fissure). Such a crack is especially painful, opens every exit, bleeds, and can become contaminated and create local inflammation.

How do hemorrhoids form?

The blood vessels are naturally located in the anus. The reason they inflate and become “hemorrhoids” can be varied:

Strenuous physical activity. The lifting of heavy loads, or the exercise of too strenuous exercise creates internal pressure in the body which can cause blood vessels to swell.
Frequent vomiting and coughing – The very act of coughing or vomiting creates pressure inside the body that can also cause swollen and inflated blood vessels from the anus.
Hemorrhoids in pregnancy – Pregnancy itself affects the digestive system and blood vessels in the body and may cause the formation of hemorrhoids.
Postpartum hemorrhoids – The pressure exerted during labor creates in many cases hemorrhoids, which after the body recovers and contract. But sometimes remain and require treatment.
Constipation – constipation requires pressure to allow the exit. The pressure can cause swelling in the rectal blood vessels.
Grandma’s medicines for hemorrhoids

On the subject of grandmother remedies for treating hemorrhoids, we have dealt with the past – here.

Many people ask how to treat hemorrhoids, when they refer to grandmother remedies for treating hemorrhoids.
As a general rule, the use of Grandma’s medicines for hemorrhoids can not be harmful. Parallel to any type of hemorrhoid treatment, you can try using home remedies to relieve the condition.
Among the remedies known to treat hemorrhoids are:

Drinking cranberry juice – Drinking cranberry juice is beneficial to many body systems. The juice contains a high level of anti-oxidants and also treats urinary tract infections.
Granny’s drug for hemorrhoids is drinking natural plum juice – or eating prunes.
Dried plum is known as natural diarrhea and in cases of hemorrhoids it is important for us to help the body exits, to avoid unnecessary pain.
Olive oil – 1 teaspoon of olive oil in daily food can ease the exits as well and prevent pain during exits.
A paste made of honey and crushed garlic – after a warm bath, apply the mixture gently to the anus and repeat the action for several days.
Hemorrhoids And Diet – What To Eat To Prevent Hemorrhoids, What To Eat If You Suffer From Hemorrhoids:

Preventing hemorrhoids and relieving the body If hemorrhoids have been formed, internal hemorrhoids or external hemorrhoids can be helped by a few simple principles and minor changes in diet.

What to eat in order to heal hemorrhoids ?

Fiber-rich food will help bind your stool to easy passage. Examples include:
Legumes (black beans, peanuts, lentils)
Berries (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries)
Whole grains (wheat bread filled with pasta, whole grains, oatmeal)

  • A water-rich food that will help soften the stool so that it will not be necessary to spend a lot of efforts when excreting the feces.
  • watermelon
  • Pears
  • Tomatoes
  • grapefruit
  • cucumber
  • On the other hand, avoid foods such as:
  • Red meat
  • caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Over consumption of dairy products
  • High fat foods
  • Refined carbohydrates such as cookies, pastries, sugar crackers and cakes
  • Bananas are green and unripe
  • Processed foods like pizza, fast food, frozen meals
  • Ice cream
The best way to keep your back straight and your posture great Fri, 17 May 2019 05:53:34 +0000 Posture corrector brace are fast becoming popular these days not only because it helps to maintain the proper shoulder and backbone structure, but also as a tool necessary to avoid many spinal and backbone complications due to extensive and improper sitting position. On an average it is recommended to wear braces for at least 4 hours a day, whether one time at a stretch or after certain intervals of time. The primary reason is that there should be a constant reminder and reinforcement to keep the backbone, neck and shoulders properly aligned to have a proper body structure. There are also various exercises that one can do to further compliment the use of these braces.

Why do people want to use posture corrector brace? Well, good posture is good for your physical health by reducing back pains and even improving your figure to become more attractive to the opposite sex. Why is posture such an issue today? Well, the fact is that we no longer live in a society where exercise is a part of daily life. In the past, most work was physical labor and many people often walked or rode their bicycles to work. Today, on the other hand, life has become more sedentary and most people work all day sitting in front of a computer screen. To add more insult to injury, we tend to drive to work these days. While driving our cars, what do we do? We sit. We sit on our way to work, at work, and on our way back home. Yes, some people do exercise and most of the exercises people do today can range from walking the dog, jogging, aerobic exercise, and working out on some kind of exercise machinery. Furthermore, most people who work at a computer terminal, be it at the office, at home, or at some data processing facility, people tend to slouch more or adjust their back and neck to view their screen the best way.

What can poor posture do?

Poor posture can cause some serious back problems over time. One of the most serious back problems caused by poor posture is scoliosis, which is a deformation in the curvature of the spine. For this reason, if you do suffer from back problems due to poor posture, a posture corrector may just be the right thing for you. All of that depends on how often you adjust your posture. In many cases, you can use posture correction exercises to help with correcting your posture. Furthermore, if you use a posture brace to help your posture when sitting at work, you might want to think about getting one. If your posture problems are severe enough, then you might want to think about getting a good posture corrector to help with correcting your posture. Along with that, you should also look into getting enrolled into a good posture correction exercise program. There are many different posture correction programs available online and you can also buy many different books on posture correction and how to best go about correcting your posture.

Everything you need to know about hair loss Fri, 17 May 2019 05:51:07 +0000 Hair loss or alopecia Alternatively, it is a common phenomenon that affects the general population. Hair loss women as well as men’s hair loss may affect the scalp alone or the entire body.

Men’s hair loss is the most common type of baldness. There is also a baldness in women, but is much less common than male baldness. Alopecia can severely affect women as well as male baldness that forces men to deal with the appearance of baldness already in their youth. Women usually have to deal with sparse hair that develops with age.

Baldness typically refers to excessive hair loss from the scalp. Some people who get the same icing on their heads and do not bother to take care of her. Some people will try to shampoo hair loss, oils (such as Moroccan oil, castor oil, almond oil or olive oil applied topically to the scalp or ampoules external spread on the scalp against hair loss, others can cover the bald head, or the focal baldness home with hairstyles, gluing hair locally, wigs, makeup, hats or scarves and even hide focal baldness with filling thinning hair with fiber hair or even a simulation of hair / simulation of hair follicles with permanent makeup simulates the hair follicle; there are those who choose the way of natural treatment for hair loss (to take one nutritional supplements or vitamins recommended for hair loss), one of the drugs against baldness or hair transplants.

Male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness, also called androgenic alopecia or alopecia. Male baldness is a condition where there is an action for generations, for the case of male pattern baldness in women is not yet proven.

Before turning into one of the treatment options, you should consult with your doctor about possible causes and treatments are best for a specific type of hair loss.

Normal cycle of hair growth lasts from 2-3 years. Each hair grows approximately 1 cm per month. During the cycle of hair growth around 90 percent of the scalp hair is growing at any one time about 10 percent, then there is off hair growth for 3-4 months, that is, the hair falls out. After the rest period new hair starts to grow in place of hair that had fallen, so of course the case that everything is right.

It is normal loosing “some hair each day as part of this cycle. However, people may suffer from the loss of excessive (more than normal) of Siar.zohi hair loss,

Symptoms of Hair Loss

Gradual thinning of the hair on your head – this is the most common type of hair loss affects both men and women. In men, hair loss usually start B”mfrtzim “and then develops into the forehead and center head. When female hair loss usually be kept hairline on the forehead, but the damage will be reflected in the quantity of hair on the head, that is, the volume of hair.
Patchy round or irregular manner – there are people with partial clearings local radius of 2.6 cm. This type of hair loss called alopecia. Alopecia usually affects only the scalp, but sometimes the old or the eyebrows. In some cases, skin may itch or hurt before the hair falls out.
Sudden loosening of the hair – physical or psychological shock can cause hair to break free from his place, handfuls of hair may fall out of time combing hair or overlap or even after gently pulling the hand. This type of hair loss usually causes a condition of hair thinning quantity and result – bald spots in different places on the scalp.

Complete hair loss throughout the body – such hair loss is usually as a result of medical treatments such as chemotherapy or cancer, which cause hair loss all over the body. In this case, the hair usually grows back after use. Full body hair loss can also result from a sudden shock. In this difficult situation without the correct baldness treatment includes body and soul.
When to see a doctor?

Talk to your doctor if you notice hair loss in the event of a sudden or irregular, more than usual, when hair loss occurs or overlap or combing hair fall from the head groups. Such sudden hair loss can signal a problematic medical condition that may require medical treatment.
Hair loss causes

Hair loss can take many different forms, depending on the cause of this phenomenon. Hair loss can occur suddenly or gradually hair loss. Hair loss can affect or only on the scalp or body. Some types of hair loss are temporary, while others are permanent.

Most people typically lose between 50-100 hairs a day. But with about 100,000 hairs in the scalp, this amount of hair falling out not be felt at all.

As people age, their hair tends to become gradually deck and thinning.
Other causes of hair loss include hormonal factors, medical conditions and medications.
Hormonal factors responsible for hair loss:

The most common cause of hair loss is an inherited condition pattern of male baldness or female pattern baldness. In people with a genetic predisposition to baldness, alopecia is usually caused by certain sex hormones that may stimulate a specific pattern of hair loss permanently. This type of hair loss is very common in men and sometimes can detect the beginnings of a very thin hair early, and even adolescence.
Hormonal changes and imbalances may also cause temporary hair loss. As during pregnancy, childbirth, stopping birth control pills or early menopause.

Medical causes that lead to the formation of hair loss:

A variety of medical conditions can cause hair loss:
Thyroid problems thyroid glands helps regulate the hormones in your body. If the thyroid gland is not working properly, there may be hair loss.
Alopecia -mhlh This occurs when the body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles, causing baldness in various places on the scalp. Patchy often these partial baldness will be in the form of a round.
Scalp infection – infections such as ringworm, which can invade the direction of the hair and scalp, leading to hair loss. Once infections are treated, hair generally grows back.
The skin disease that can cause scarring diseases, such as acne and some types of lupus, can cause permanent hair loss where there is scarring.
Drugs that cause hair loss:
Hair loss may be caused by medications used to treat:
Heart problems
high blood pressure
Other reasons for the formation of hair loss
Hair loss can also result from

Physical or psychological shock – Many people experience hair sparse few months after physical or psychological shock. Like a sudden decrease or increase or excessive weight loss, fever or a death in the family. Also known cases of traumatized soldiers during the war, causing hair loss and body.
Hair pulling a mental disorder – mental illness which causes an irresistible urge to pluck the hair from the scalp, eyebrows or other areas of the body. Hair pulling from the scalp often leaves bald patches on the head.

Hairstyles – Hair loss may occur lasting hair too tight hairstyles like braids into ordinary or African. You may notice a phenomenon also seen dancers that their hair pulled back tightly for several hours.

Family history – The risk increases when the relatives on both sides of the family have experienced hair loss and suffering result. Heredity also affects the age at which begins hair loss, hair loss quickly, developmental pattern and extent of baldness.
Forest treatments overuse or incorrect use of hair dyes, hair straightening products or curl hair,

Multi-use aspect or slipping hair may leave hair brittle and prone to disconnect from the scalp. Multiple designs or hair cause hair loss and baldness hair.
Nutrition Lkoih- thinning hair may be caused by a shortage of essential dietary sources of iron and protein, such as red meat, fat-free dairy products and cereals Maosrim iron. Hair loss that is associated with poor nutrition, often accompanied by eating disorders, such as diet and anorexia.
Hair Loss Diagnosis

The doctor will ask questions about diet, medications taken, diseases that were recently the treatment of hair. The women, the doctor will ask questions about menstruation, pregnancy and menopause.
The doctor does a physical exam to look for the causes of hair loss. Finally, blood tests or a biopsy (taking a small sample of cells to examine under a microscope) of your scalp.

Hair Loss Treatment

Depending on the type of hair loss due to various treatments such as:
If taking medication that caused the formation of hair loss, the doctor will replace another drug.
Identification and treatment of inflammation of the scalp may help stop hair loss.
Amendment hormone imbalance may prevent further hair loss.
Medications can help slow down or prevent the development of baldness. Preventing baldness drugs available in the market:
Minoxidil – a drug without a prescription is required. It will heal the scalp and stop hair loss. Can also be used by men and by women.
Finasteride – prescription required. These pills baldness for men only.
While the effect of hair loss medications can also take 6 months before you can tell if these drugs help against hair loss.

Sue Palmetto (Saw palmetto) is a dwarf palm tree fruit, called Serenoa Repens. This plant has been used for many years in Indian medicine and Chinese medicine, and is known to have properties to treat reproductive system and urinary tract of men and women.

In 1982, France began to incorporate the fruit extract supplements. In essence then spread use of Sioux Palmetto other Western countries. At the same time expanded the use of this special fruit, after studies have shown that it is effective for treating a variety of symptoms, including acne, increased body and the leading hereditary baldness stop hair loss.