Best Home Remedies for Chest Congestion

Home remedies refer to the basic treatments that have been continuously taken by people people since time immemorial for the treatment of some ailments that are not serious. The following is a list of the various remedies that have been in use for a long time in treating chest ailments.


Whether raw or cooked, onions can be regularly used for reducing congestion in the chest. When taken, onions normally reduce the thickness of the mucous that is causing the congestion. The presence of two important ingredients in the onions (quercetin and sulfur) aids to thin the mucous membrane hence easing congestion. It is one of the most effective, best home remedy for chest congestion and you you can swallow about five blended onions before heading to sleep at night.

Hot Water

Hot water helps very much in reducing and dissolving thick layers of mucous that block the chest. Therefore it is advisable to always take hot water when thirsty to help in doing away with congestion. It also helps you cough out the mucous phlegm after it is dissolved. Some gargle hot salty water a couple of times in a day as it is also very effective and truly is relieving.

Honey and Lemon

Honey is an amazing and effective cough suppressant that reduces chest congestion within a few days. Drink one teaspoon of honey daily when you are having such congestion or on the other hand mix warm water with honey and take it. The antibacterial components in honey help to reduce any infections arising in the chest and the whole respiratory system.

Black Coffee

When suffering from chest congestion, breathe shortness and coughs it would of importance to try a warm cup of black coffee as it is an amazing solution to these problems. Take two or one cup of black coffee but do not exceed more than three cups if you are at all you are an asthmatic. This is because excessive consumption of caffeine can result to extreme worse effects in such as increased heart beats and rise in blood pressure.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is an anti-bacteria and an analgesic therefore it aids in the reduction of chest inflammations and congestion. Patients can buy some ginger made candies that help in soothing the respiratory tract. Some people also take a mixture of honey and powdered ginger which is okay as it has been found to reduce chest congestion problems.

Increasing the room humidity

When the room humidity is raised, a patient suffering from chest congestion will be able to breathe with ease. This is because high levels of humidity results to an increase of water vapor in the house. This water vapor gets into the lungs of the patient and eases mucous removal in the respiratory tract. Hence it would be a wise choice to run a humidifier in your room and especially during the night before retiring to bed.

Eucalyptus oil

Like ginger, eucalyptus oil also contains some very important analgesic and antibacterial antibacterial and analgesic components. Add about five drops of this oil into bucket of boiled water. After that cover the bucket and your face using a towel and inhale the home made solution. By doing this, you will be able to inhale the eucalyptus vapor right into the lungs. Remember to to do this procedure at least two times every day for you to attain fast relive.

Have Spicy Food

Spicy meals with ingredients like garlic, ginger and pepper help in reducing chest congestion due to their decongestant properties. Therefore taking foods with such spices can help in getting rid of respiratory bacteria from the chest. Spiced foods play a major role as far as reducing the mucous phlegm is concerned. In fact you might have noticed that you develop a running nose whenever you are eating spiced food.


Almost all the home remedies that have been mentioned help in reducing and treating chest congestion. However you are not limited to try all, for you to have the chance of identifying the best and most effective among them for your health. If you are looking for a solution to constant chest congestion without the need of enslaving your body to prescription drugs, feel free to try these amazing remedies.