What you need to remmember when adopting a dog

Adopting a dog in appropriate circumstances is a welcome and wonderful thing. Conversely, adopting a dog in the wrong circumstances can cause a lot of heartache, dog neglect, or much frustration. These are the following things to consider.

1. Is there a mature and responsible person who can take care of a dog?

Sometimes the child very much wants a dog, and promises to take care of everything. But a child cannot really understand what this responsibility is, and a child cannot and should not take full responsibility for a dog. You can’t expect him to take him out 3 times a day, get him an exact amount of food, take him to the vet when needed, etc. You probably wouldn’t let an 11-year-old, for example, take full responsibility for a small child, and so does a dog. This responsibility should be that of an elderly and responsible person.

Of course, as much as possible, the child should be brought up in dog breeding and taught him how to handle responsibility. And if possible, it is desirable to divide care and growth among all members of the household. I often came across a situation where the child promised to take care of the dog and eventually abandoned or delivered. And it is highly desirable to prevent such situations in advance.

2. In addition to having a mature person take responsibility is there enough time to really take care of it properly? If there are a number of household members there is usually no problem and you can divide the treatment (and still check that everyone really does what it takes) but if you are a single person at home it is very important to think about whether you have the time and energy to spend the dog for at least 3 times a day and at least one trip should Being long is desirable in a park or a place where it can run freely.

In addition, the dog should be taken to a veterinarian (or invited to a mobile veterinarian’s home once a year) to do a hexagonal and rabies vaccine and once every three months the park worm and of course any illness or injury to take it as soon as possible. And of course you have to play with it and give it as much attention as possible. Can you really devote your time to that?

3. Most dogs need training to some degree. If it is a puppy it is very energetic and raging and sometimes devastating and if it is a dog you have taken as an adult (say delivered or neglected) you will probably be anxious or even slightly aggressive. Do not be alarmed by this, and do not despair. Sometimes a dog finds out that it is devastating / tiring / aggressive and decides the dog is “screwed” and replaces it with another. This usually does not solve the problem.

The fact is that most dogs do not know or learn on their own how they should behave, they should be taught what is allowed and what is not allowed, where needs are and what their “place in the flock” is. Training is not just about needs and how to do tricks and be obedient. A good trainer gives you and your dog the tools with which you can most enjoy the dog and the dog knows how to behave best for both of you such as  a dog ramp when you can train on trucks and cars. It is advisable to start as early as possible so that undesirable behaviors are not fixed, which means longer training and consequently more money. Training requires time, investment and money. It is worthwhile and it is desirable but can you stand it?

4. This dog is no small expense at all. Think do you have the means? Veterinary treatments usually start from 600 and over a year and this is just for vaccines, even more puppy. And this does not include unexpected illnesses and medicines and, God forbid, a serious case in which the dog needs surgery, hospitalization, long treatments, etc., which can amount to thousands of shekels.

It is highly desirable to sterilize / castrate, which costs several hundred shekels. Basic training series can cost 250-300 USD

Quality dog ​​food costs about USD 5-18 a kilo. Of course a big dog eats more than a small dog, but small sacks cost more per kilo of large farms. You can see on the bags how much the dog needs per day and thus calculate what the expense is. Also need flea material, worm balls, games …

5. Most important thing: a life of a dog 12-19 years, this is a commitment for many years. Once you make a commitment, your dog’s abandonment or abandonment usually results in death or, at best, trauma and anxiety. Consider whether you really have the ability and desire to commit for a long time.

If all these things you can and are ready to face then go ahead and go for it! With all the conditions the dog will bring you great happiness and so will you. Reminds you it’s always advisable to adopt an abandoned dog from its association and not support the breeding industry of purebred dogs. You can always contact me with additional questions.

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