5 important tips for a healthy, long life

The phrase “health is wealth” has a profound meaning to it for many reasons. A sound mind and healthy body ensure a more active and happy lifestyle and there are endless ways to adopt good health habits based on a personal preference and needs. Here are 5 tips a person can benefit from and live worry free for a long time.

Proper water intake

A great portion of human survival depends on water. We’re reminded time and time again by health experts as well as doctors why drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day is necessary. It’s a magical potion that is cheap and has numerous benefits like reducing dehydration, helps get rid of toxins, keeps the urinary system running smoothly, helps with perspiration issues and even bowel movements and more. Also, according to various studies conducted, water also helps reduce weight and fights obesity by filling up the stomach and reducing hunger cravings.


For health conscious people, any form of exercise is a staple. But for people who like to take it easy and are laid back at times, not exercising is an alarming situation that needs to be taken control of before matters get worst. One doesn’t always have to hit the gym and spend countless hours to get into shape. A brisk walk or a good jog around the neighborhood is also essential on a condition that it should be practiced daily and for a decent amount of time.

Wear comforting work shoes

Feet are perhaps the most ignored part of the body when it comes to taking care of your health. We walk on them all day long and rest all of the body’s weight on them and so it is important that feet be taken care of so they can continue to serve their purpose for times to come. Wearing work boots that are designed ergonomically and in accordance with your foot shape are points not to be ignored. Because work can take you places and may at times require long term meetings and professional events where you’ll be spending hours of time, a proper fit will ensure a relaxing experience no matter wherever you are. Ladies should avoid wearing high heels often as they can cause issues like back problems and at worst affect the spinal cord. Here is a great guide for finding the perfect work shoes.

A balanced diet

With the advent of junk food weight issues have been haunting people for life, yet most of us fail to understand this and indulge in unhealthy snacks every now and then. Fried foods, burgers and soft drinks can put on massive amounts of weight in little time, which can be a real hassle to shed off. If one is not careful enough, being overweight can also lead to heart disease and other health problems. Eating a mix of vegetables, fruits, poultry and grains in proper portions on a daily basis is recommended by health experts and will result in controlled weight. A candy bar or snack is not bad but such food should not be consumed on a regular basis. Here is a great guide for a balanced diet.

Get enough sleep

If you wake up with a smiling face in the morning that actually means you’ve slept well but if you’re all cranky and in bad mood, it is most likely because you didn’t sleep well last night.No matter how busy or tough a day has been, it is of utmost importance to get a few hours of sound sleep to relax the mind and body.