4 Must Have Toys For Your Cat

Cats are such awesome to have in the house. Apart from adding quality to your life, they have a reputation of being low-maintenance and easy to handle. The beauty of having cats is that they do not require much space. As such, they are quite convenient pets to have around the house. Though cats often seem content with sitting around all day as they take turns in napping, they have a natural instinct to play and hunt.

Naturally, cats love spending time while playing with their owners. For them, play is not just about games; it helps in enhancing their survival skills. Some of these skills include stalking, trapping prey and chasing. For this reason, it is important to ensure that you purchase toys that will give the feline an opportunity to exercise their natural tendencies through various types of play. In this article, we are going to look at four must have toys you must buy for your cat.

Realistic remote control snake toy

This is one of the most important toys you need to have for your cat. It is a remote-controlled snake like fast moving toy. You can buy it on mypuppymylove.com here. It comes with features such as retractable tongue and swinging tail that gives the cat a super realistic experience. Essentially, the remote enables you to make the snake move forward, turn to left or right, stop and retract its tongue. It runs of a 3.7V rechargeable battery that has a run time of approximately 15 minutes. In fact, as you will realize, this toy will not only be a great gadget for the cat, but it will also be a nice investment for children in the house.

Petlinks mystery motion cat toy

By nature, cats are curious creatures. When they bump into something mysterious, it is difficult to find a cat that will resist the thrill that comes with playing and seeking to unravel this mystery. In this case, the mystery motion cat toy gives your cat an unexpected and an all-satisfying experience. This helps the cat to mimic the thrills generated from hunting. As such, the cat will pounce, chase and leap to find the circles under the fabric.

Roypet adjustable cat climbing tree with perches

One of the amazing features associated with cats is their climbing nature. If you live in a location where you may not get an actual tree around, it is advisable to consider having the adjustable climbing tree. This tree comes lined with ultra-soft faux fur along with natural sisal posts. With this toy, you are giving the cat a place to claw and climb as they exercise. This toy is also an awesome space saver, meaning that you can have it almost anywhere in the house.

Petsafe slimcat Interactive toy and food dispenser

This toy combines mealtime with exercise geared towards improving on weight loss as well as fighting obesity. It also gives you an opportunity to watch as your cat unleashes her natural instincts when chasing the food. Another benefit associated with this toy is that it distributes food in small portions making it easy for the cat’s stomach. The beauty of this toy is that it allows you to control the rate in which the cat gets her food.