How can you raise a smart child ?

As parents we all want to raise kids who will be leaders and who will make many proud due to their outstanding achievements. Raising a child requires total dedication so as to harness the smartness in them. It’s a journey that starts with a single simple step and continues as the child develops both physically and mentally. The following are some insightful tips on how to raise a smart child and all that you are required to do:
Ensure you breastfeed your child exclusively for the first six months; breast milk is very rich in nutrients which are vital for the child’s brain, physical body and immunity development.

A balanced diet is a must; ensuring that your child is feed properly on a well-balanced diet goes a long way in developing the child. A balanced diet ensures that the child does not lack vital nutrients which are required to develop brain’ ability to comprehend and work on things without struggle since all its cells are well replenished.

Make sure the child gets enough sleep; we all know that when a kid is awake, it is very jovial and playful to. This means that at the end of every active time that the child spends need to be crowned with a good rest free from any disturbance. Good sleep ensures proper brain development which makes your child smart.

Expose your child to different environments; taking a child for recreational activity results to a happy and smart kid since you are able to break the monotony of the child having to be in one place day in day out. Exposing them to ne environments creates a learning opportunity for learning new things.

Build their Self-Esteem; a child with a high level of esteem increases their confidence and boosts their morale to learn new things and trying out new tricks. This enhances their assertiveness and increases their level of smartness. By just encouraging them and complementing them with simple terms such as “that’s very good, you are the best” builds their attitude to trying out new things since they are confident of being successful.

Play is a must; at the early ages of a child’s development, they mostly learn new things through playing games. Be it with their toys or with other kids their age. Any playful activity which the kids indulge in will be very educational and expositive. Through playing games they are able to imitate what they have seen before from their parents or guardians and even on other channels. They challenge themselves and this is very important in their growth. It’s important that you supply them with many toys and playing kits, also introduce them to many games as possible for brain development.

Introduce them to new learning experiences such as learning a new language. Research has shown that exposing a child to foreign language expands their brain capacity and sharpens their thinking ability. This has a result of making them smarter and being able to stand out before other ordinary children who are not exposed to such opportunities.

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