How to choose the best rowing machine ?

It’s quite difficult to make a decision on the best rowing machine to buy, as there are numerous brands from different manufacturers. All with different features, below are some guidelines/tips to help you out in choosing the best.

Cost; Check on different brands with their particular prices and do a comparison, quality rowing machine are likely to cost more as they are made of better materials and contain the modern technology.

A fixed or a fold away; The folding one occupies lesser space as they can be folded and fixed one uses more space; a fixed one has always received a good rating, with users stating that, they are more durable.

The type of the rowing machine; these machines basically come in fours different types namely: – air, water, magnetic and hydraulic

1. Water rowing machine; they work through blades that have been suspended in a tank of water, there are normally heavier than the other machines and the water needs to be changed at regular intervals. These machines are made to last for decades. According to users experience and their review; they are the most efficient and give the anticipated result.

2. Air rowing machine; uses flywheels to provide resistance, they are highly recommended for starters or inexperienced users as it automatically adjust the tension level with your speed. They are noisy when in operation.

3. Magnetic rowing machine; magnets are used to offer the resistance, If you are after quality, durable and almost maintenance free machine, then this is your option. In addition they don’t produce noise when in operation, they are smooth and provide tremendously fluid glide. They are mostly found in gym

4. Hydraulic rowing machine; uses hydraulic cylinders that are normally connected at the end of the handles. They are the cheapest in the market and provide a silent workout. Unlike all the others, this option comes with a bit smaller sizes for people who consider space. There main disadvantage being that, the handles and seat are in a fixed place, only enables fixed hand movement back and forth, and the strangest thing is, they don’t offer leg drive which is a very crucial feature of rowing.

Read the rowing machine review; this will give you a clear image of the experience that the other users had with the machine. This way you will learn about any problem associated with a particular brand to watch out before buying. The review will also give you advice on prices, features available and efficiency.

Check out what rowers are built of, best rowers must be made of quality, durable material and should have a sturdy holder to ease the rowing process.

Consider buying a rowing machine with a warranty, some of the manufacturer will give 1-2 years warrant. Buy what is warranted just incase of any problem, you can be sure to get back to the supplier.

Remember, the best rowing machine is the one that is comfortable and enjoyable to use, want to keep coming back and doesn’t cost more than you can afford. Make sure it can hold your weight, fits in your room, long enough for you legs and does not annoy the neighbours with noise.

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