How to get a bigger penis ?

how to make your penis bigger

Regardless of all the worries, a man has got; his career, his image, his style and his physique, it is always his penis size that tops the list of his worries. Every man wants to have a bigger and stronger penis(unless he is a monk!). So what exactly does one have to do, to achieve it? Here is the complete answer for that. Below mentioned are the list of tips and tricks to naturally make your penis bigger and stronger. For the sake of your convenience, the discussion has been divided into 3 parts – The Exercises, The Diet and the Onfield Ways. 

1) How to make your dick bigger – THE EXERCISES

Similar to other muscles in the body, your penis also requires you to workout daily. Here are 3 penis exercises that are proved to be effective. 

- The Lifter: In order to do this exercise, you will need a chair and a tower. Start by sitting on the edge of the chair and arouse yourself to get an erect penis. Now place your towel on the edge of your penis head and lift it up by applying pressure on your manhood. Hot the towel there for 3-5 seconds. Repeat this process for 3 sets of 10 reps each. If you feel that you can do better, try using a larger towel or a wet towel. 

- Rotate your Penis: This can be painful in the beginning but after 3-4 days, you won’t have any problem. To start with, hold your penis head with one hand and place the other hand around that hand. Now stretch your penis directly outward and rotate it for 20 times. Fix a side to rotate, either left or right and rotate for 20 times. After you are done, rest for a few minutes and then repeat the same on the other side too. This is by far, the best method to enlarge your penis naturally. 

- Penis Stretches: This is a rather easy exercise to perform. To start with, sit comfortably on a chair and arouse your penis. Now place one hand at the base of the penis and hold it firm. Place the other hand just above the base and start pulling your way out to the top of the penis head. Make sure that you hold it firm, but not too strong. This pumps the blood towards the penis head and dramatically increases the length of your penis within a few minutes. 

2) How to make your dick bigger – The DIET

If you think that eating certain foods automatically increases the size of your penis, then you have been thinking it wrong. A good diet actually helps you in accelerating the results that are produced by the penis exercises. That means, when you combine your exercises with a specific diet plan, you get quicker results. Here are 3 foods that you can add to your diet plan to improve the blood flow to your penis. 

- Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate is often considered the best food for sexual wellness as it not increases the blood flow, but also makes you release hormones that make you ready for the task. It is rich in cocoa and antioxidants which keeps you in the best possible condition for sex. 

- Ginger: Another top food for penis enlargement is ginger. It is useful in many ways the first of which is enhanced blood flow which is the primary requirement for our task. Next comes the fat burning part, ginger helps you to burn fat effectively which makes you fit in all senses! 

- Pepper: This might come as a surprise to you, but Cayenne Pepper is indeed an excellent option for penis enlargement. It improves metabolism and blood circulation. You can take this along with other foods or take it along with apple cider vinegar daily. The taste would probably irritate you but the end results would always comfort you! 

3) How to make your dick bigger – ON-FIELD METHODS

In the case that exercises and the diet plans fail or if you don’t have enough time with you before your event, then probably you should follow other ways that are equally effective. 

- Ban Sex: When you don’t have sex for a few days, then it is definite that the blood flow into your penis would be larger than usual. The more days you hold yourself, the more the blood flow is. But this is not as easy as it seems, you would need yo restrain yourself from masturbation too as technically speaking, it is also sex. 

- Trim your Genital Hair: One of the factors that make your penis appear smaller is your genital hair. There are multiple reasons for this. Experts claim that by reducing your pubic hair, the sensitivity of the penis is enhanced. Also, having long pubic hair covers a part of your penis and makes it look smaller that it actually is. Hence, it is recommended that you trim your pubic hair if not shave it. 

- Get Erections: It must be quite by now that the size of penis largely depends on the amount of blood that flows into it. So, before the real event, try getting erections and hold it for a few moments. Do not masturbate! Let the erection dissipate out and then arouse yourself again. Repeat this for 3-4 times and now, you are all set to enter your battlefield. All in all, you have stimulated the blood flow into your penis which is now at its peak making your dick appear larger than usual. 

- Get a Toy: Nowadays, there are are a variety of sex toys available for both men and women. It can be really effective to bring in a vibrator into your bedroom and use it before the actual process. This is proved to have a great effect on the size of the penis. 

These are the natural methods that have been highly effective in enlarging the size of the penis. There are several other artificial methods available that have a lesser success rate. Altogether, it is always better to seek help from natural methods rather than the artificial ones. But remember, be sincere in your efforts and the result will surely follow you.
Hope this helped you understand the basics of penis enlargement!

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