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It’s a fast paced society and everyone needs to do something for a living. In between the stress and pressure, both financially and emotional, it’s natural for you to forget how to relieve these negative vibes. And so, let me remind you that a simple and quick massage can bring back the positive energy you just lost.

Aside from professional masseurs and physical therapists, another way to get enough dose of massage is through massage chairs. This reclined furniture allows you to relieve stress and body pain quickly. If you’re looking to own one, then let me introduce to you some of the best massage chair brands available today.


INADA offers a wide range of massage chairs including, but not limited to, Sogno Dreamwave. This brand prides itself with the “dream wave” technology which features the 8 motions of a shiatsu massage. Unlike most massage chair brands, INADA extends their products to younger users through gentle massage options. This allows users, as young as 14 years old, to reap the health benefits offered by INADA massage chairs.


Osaki is the brand for intelligent robot-powered massage chairs. Its top product, the Zero Gravity Massage Chair, features intelligent tracking of the user’s body curves. The chair’s massage robot will carefully look for your neck, back, shoulder, and lumbar. This allows the chair to micro-adjust to your body and provide you with more humanistic shiatsu massage therapy. Osaki brand also offers several massage options such as for relaxation and healthcare.

Human Touch

If you’re not looking for a shiatsu massage, then you might want to check the massage chairs offered by Human Touch. The brand has its own patented technology which focuses on relieving you of physical pain, tensions, and stress. The primary signature of this brand is its easy-to-use massage options ranging from specific back massage to entire back massage.


Similar to Osaki, the iRobotics brand features intelligent massage chairs. However, iRobotics products were designed to give you 6 types of massage including Swedish massage and Japanese massage. Multiple users may also save their own individual settings for later use. In addition, latest additions to this brand’s portfolio of massage chairs feature built-in speakers to help you achieve a new level of relaxation.

There is no doubt that relaxation is what keeps us sane against stress, fatigue, and pressure that we acquire from our day-to-day activities. With breakthrough technology provided by some of the best massage chair brands, we can now bring this relaxation to our home and enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

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