How to get rid of constipation ?

How to get rid of constipation

Constipation is an indication of reduced frequency in bowel movements, generally because it holds less water than normal. In some situations it can be caused by some medications. This article explains on How to get rid of constipation rapidly by making use of natural items and means accessible almost universally.

Drink more lukewarm water

Drink four additional eight-ounce glasses of lukewarm water when you experience constipation. If you are experiencing the problem of constipation more than a few days, first drink 20 ounces of clean water each morning. Generally, you are supposed to drink 10 glasses of lukewarm water every day as a minimum amount. Water is one among the finest fluids that wash toxins and waste from the human body. Other drinks like fruit juices and soda cannot compare irrespective of how robust or innate they are since they are inclined to hold undue sugar that could really intensify constipation. If you do not contain any health risks connected with sodium or other salts, you may wish to replace water for liquid with added electrolytes, for example, an athletic drink.

Consume more vegetables and fruits

Consume vegetables, fruits and other foods rich in fiber to enhance the amount of your fiber ingestion. It is healthy to consume least 24 grams of fiber a day. Constipation can cause due to too much consumption of polished sugar, fats and dairy in contrast to fiber content from vegetables and fruits. Think of using a fiber supplement even if you consider you are competent to obtain that much fiber from your everyday meals. Enzymes are not competent to digest the dietary fiber in the human body, so it is not engaged into the bloodstream. Fiber then stays in the colon, where it takes up water and makes the stool softer. Some of the fiber-rich foods include apples, pears, raspberries, cooked green peas, black beans, split peas, barley, whole-grain pasta, etc.


Consuming prunes or prune juice will alleviate the constipation problem to a great extent. This is because prunes contain huge amounts of fiber and include a stool-loosening sugar called sorbitol, which assists to ease constipation naturally. Sorbitol is a soft colonic stimulant that assists to lessen the transit time of stool and hence reduce the hazard of constipation. It should be noted that there are 14.7 grams of sorbitol available in each 100 grams of prunes, and there are 6.2 grams of sorbitol available in each 100 grams of prune juice. You must drink more prune juice to attain the same health benefits.


If at all possible, stay away from sitting down for 15 minutes and keep moving your body. Modest to rigorous bodily exercise is ideal, but even having a low-key half-a-hour walk will assist your body to promote strong bowel movements.

Avoid stress

Mood can have an effect on constipation. Anxiety and depression can have a significant influence on constipation. Try to alleviate your stress or ease your depression by whatever way that best suits you. Yoga, meditation, biofeedback, and, or relaxation methods can all be successful stress reducers. Shiatsu massage, acupressure or massaging the stomach may as well, assist to cure constipation caused by anxiety or depression.

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