How to become his perfect lover?

For many women, the concept of mistress is the potential danger to a family. In fact, if you can become an ideal lover for her husband, which is significant will strengthen the bond between you  and reduce the risk that your husband will start looking at other women.  But how can a woman become the perfect lover for her husband – making him happy and satisfied with her?

The perfect lover – is a wise woman who wants and knows how to be in bed and most desirable for her husband. Amazingly, but sex in intimate relationships is not the most important thing. You can memorize the Kama Sutra, an artist possess the technology to perform all the exercises, but can not be single, which will have your husband. It does not matter if a woman has a stunning appearance or an African temper, as long as she knows how to be sexy. The survey conducted by VTsIOM sexuality as the basic quality, chose 55% of men, and only the second most important quality was appearance – it was selected 49% of men. But the brain in this survey was far from the first place. If you want a woman to love you – you got to be kind, gentle, and loving. Send her good morning messages, send her good night, and buy presents from time to time.

How to become sexy? According to many of the men who participated in the poll sexy woman is that does not hesitate to show his will and can make it a reality. To be next to a woman, a man must feel a desire for the erot that emanates from her. A sexy woman should love sex and enjoy it, and not just deal with it. It must be active in sex.

Someone must love yourself first, be sure and know his own. But we do not need to build yourself sensitive. Ideally, the representation of a woman for a safe man does not suffer from complexes for nothing. If you learn to accept and love yourself for who you are, regardless of your weight, height, small chest and broad hips, the same will be done, and the men around you. It is the ability to love yourself The difference between a pleasant woman and a pleasant woman in every way. The fact that you can change it last easily change, but it is not possible and therefore it is appropriate. That is why the girls, for example, are overweight, who smiles at her reflection in the mirror, and adhere to the principle that a good person should be a lot, there is no shortage of fans. If a woman loves herself, she goes out to meet a man, not because it’s necessary, but because she really wants to. She has a sex not to keep near a man, but because she loves him. Such a woman has always been and remains a mystery for men. What can be stronger than the desire to solve the riddle.

In order to get pleasure from sex and provide it to a partner, a woman should be relaxed. The arts flirt every woman in the blood. But why many people forget flirting that can not only in the past, but also during sex. Ticking and teasing your bed partner, you can get rid of the tension that binds your impulses and bring great pleasure to your partner and yourself. Do not forget that sex – a natural part of your love. Learn to enjoy what is happening, and then it will bring you incomparable pleasure. If, for example, a broken heel, act like a child from advertising – the second paragraph and move on (to the nearest shoe store or friend). The woman, who is not shy and unhindered behavior in this situation, 90% of the men occupy a woman, unhindered in bed.

Love give pleasure to your partner. Many modern women having sex think if a person can give pleasure MI. A perfect lover should remember that much depends on him. The basic rule of the ideal of sexual relationships is that you have to give more than accept.

One of the most dangerous enemies of a perfect relationship is just hints and clues in bed. It has long been known that a person is much better at grasping your wish if you tell him about it directly, without clues, especially in bed. Feel free to tell the partner how you like more. And if his words confirm the groans and sighs, then believe me, you should not ask next time. Reflex in air masculinity is produced much faster, and such a simple feature as “a pleasant caress – it settles” they remember very quickly.

As is known men are like when they make compliments, much more than women. A wise woman will always be able to praise her man so that he feels like the king of the world, but without insulting him, to mention that by paying more attention to her pleasant moments, he can make her happy.

Sexual relationships are happy, as a rule, affect both the spiritual and the positive material sphere of human activity. And as you know for a successful person is always a woman. And if the woman is also a perfect lover for her husband, she will be twice as successful.