How to succeed in the first date ?

first date tips

Going on a date can be exciting but on the other hand can lead you to your many thoughts. Preparing for a date should not be stressful but more of a fun and make it as something that you enjoy. Here are some important guides in helping you prepare for that big date, good luck!

Use a sense of humor

A study done in 2003 in Stanford university found out that women with sense of humor have 20% more chances to succeed on the first date. YES! humor is a turn on for men.
Even if you are not used to being a funny women, try to use humor in the conversation. It makes a lot of difference!

Pick an outfit that fits your personality

Pick your dress ahead of time to avoid having headache during the day of your date. Wearing a dress or skirt will make you feel sexy and will make you look more feminine which impresses men. Looking your best and making yourself comfortable with what you wear will be able to present yourself in a graceful manner. Choose a stunning but comfortable to wear pair of heels that compliments your dress.

Do not overthink

Keep your attitude positive and do not panic, make yourself calm and throughout the date, enjoy yourself. Before the date try to watch romantic comedy movies or anything or listen to upbeat music that makes you relaxed.

Be on time

Whether he is going to fetch or meet him somewhere, be there ahead of time. Keeping men waiting will somehow affect their mood as they are more nervous than women.

Organize your ideas ahead of time

Try to think of possible and interesting ideas you want to talk about during your date. Keeping him entertained by stories and ideas will help you open for another doors as men loves witty and clever women.

Don’t expect too much

Anything can happen after a first date but for you not to get disappointed, do not expect too much. After all, you’re on a dating process and it is very important that you first know him and his attitude.

Prepare a list of subject to talk about

Before going on the first date prepare a list of possible subjects or questions that you want to discuss with the guy. Embracing silence can be the best way to fail i n the first date.
A list of topics can be found here.

Relax and remember that the bottom line is that you both agreed for a date and there is something mutual going on between you so just go and enjoy your date.

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