How can we cope with child constipation ?

Child Constipation is a problem that has bothered (and still so) many parents.
They see the child tries hard and sometimes suffers during evacuation.
Diarrhea scares the parents due to the danger of dehydration.   constipation

First let’s define what is and what is diarrhea, constipation, and then we detail about the different types and ways of solving solution that can be applied already at, and what kinds of interventions are committed cure, or even a doctor, as well as define what an emergency.

Constipation is a very common problem in children.

Children and infants must turn feces every day, if you do not exit every day this is constipation.
One reason is the weakness of the digestive system, especially the spleen energy which can not motivate better food down. A second reason is the lack of regular eating and food not fit causes the food to get stuck.

Weakness of the digestive system is the key sign of a weak appetite and food selectivity. It also appears on the sleeping and waking multiplayer every two hours or so at night.
In a state of nutritional irregularities seem to life and red lips, very bad ports, sometimes greenish ports – indicating the decay of food and digestion, swollen belly – because of the blasts and the weariness and abdominal pain.

In both of these cases dietary changes beyond easy, balanced diet and maintaining a correct input times are suggested initial and most correct.
Some children are constipation caused by pain caused by their departure time. The pain can be caused by anal fissures, hemorrhoids, or simply because of rectal contraction. The pain is the cause of constipation. This is a different kind of constipation and its treatment is moving energy around the rectum to lessen the pain, necessitating the intervention of the therapist.

Situations constipation remedies: Herbal anise / fennel, a little tomato, prune juice and juice of figs on an empty stomach. Children over the age of one: possible even brew licorice (licorice) with honey, crushed sunflower seeds mixed with honey in a glass of boiling water, filter and drink on an empty stomach.

Diarrhea is out soft and watery, more than four times a day for infants and more than three times a day for children over the age of three.
We distinguish between two situations:
Chronic diarrhea: a steady state, at least a week without deteriorating fast.
Acute diarrhea: Various conditions, deteriorating child every day.

In a state of chronic diarrhea We identify two reasons – one is the weakness of the digestive system, the other is offensive food.
The weakness of the digestive system does not allow the transformation of food and liquids, and aqueous ports are created with undigested food.
Infants looked White Flecks, sour milk stool. Weaned children seem undigested food as leftovers.
Exits without smell real.
Food Attack – Attack of food is the result of several factors: consuming food, irregular diet and nutrition is not adequate.
Features: children with a good appetite, ports with bad, sour smell, sometimes green, possibly abdominal pain or discomfort before a child can feel pain and cry, days of diarrhea can be replaced in the days of constipation, the child is strong with red cheeks. The main difference between this situation and hang Food – multiple ports.
These situations dietary change and transition easy and balanced diet and maintaining a correct input times are suggested initial and most correct.

State of acute diarrhea (acute) is a condition of the invasion of external pathogenic factors: heat and humidity or cold, and humidity.
In the case of heat and humidity signs shall be: bad smell, feces warm, it may heat a little redness in the face, burning Banos, pain during exit, there may aphthas mouth (red lesions with white dot).
In case of cold, and humidity seems: ports watery and sticky, 6-12 times a day, pallor, feeling cold, ports no odor, abdominal pain with cramps.
Sometimes there are signs of heat and cold together, and in these cases the key point is humidity. Treatment in these cases will be done by a therapist or doctor.
Situations involving weakness of the digestive system and the invasion of pathogenic factors, are more dangerous situations and most significant difference between them and normal mode is the possibility dehydrated.
More severe conditions are conditions where all incoming and outgoing, is a state of collapse energy systems requiring emergency referral to hospital. These situations have to use an IV to receive fluids immediately.

Treatment of diarrhea in situations most important to drink a lot.
You can add baking or food Who carrots and rice (long cooking carrot puree with a little rice, a pinch of salt over the age of one tablespoon honey – filter and drink the water). Another option is tea: Tea bag decompose and give a little with food, big kids on an empty stomach with a little water.
Babies – baby massage in the sacrum (lower part of the back tail bone area), baby massage with your fingers and a little baby oil: In a downward constipation and diarrhea-up mode.

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