How to select the best home pool for your needs?

The increase in standard of living and convenient prices enable each and every one of you to enjoy a private swimming pool in the yard of the house or inside the house. There are two main types of swimming pools for private homes – swimming pools (intakes) and built pools.

Want to buy a swimming pool, but do not know how to choose? In the following article we will present the main parameters to be considered when purchasing a swimming pool.

So what factors do we need to take into account?

• Budget – As a first step, you must set a budget for the swimming pool. Swimming pools from concrete include work to level the ground and build the pool by qualified staff. The cost of swimming pools built in the ground, starts at 300-400  USD. Another option for a swimming pool built in the ground is a metal pool. The price of a metal pool starts at USD 150 and reaches USD 300. INTEX pools are the cheapest because they do not need to be installed and built in the ground. The price of the upper pools starts at $1,000 and reaches USD 180.
• Pool location – If you want to place the pool indoors, in the living room or in a closed room, it is recommended to install an indoor swimming pool. Concrete pools can take up too much space compared to the pool, because in the pool you can choose the pool size from a variety of different sizes and brands.
If you want to place the outdoor swimming pool, concrete pools are definitely more impressive in the yard or roof, depending on the budget you put at the disposal. Inx swimming pools come in different sizes and are more suitable for those with limited space in the garden or roof.

• Safety – concrete swimming pools are more prone to safety problems. If you have small children, it is recommended to purchase appropriate safety equipment, to prevent falls and slides or to buy an elite swimming pool, which is more suitable and safe for children.
• Accompanying expenses – Swimming pools require ongoing care and maintenance. If the budget allows this, it is recommended to use a certified pool operator. If you have decided to buy an intex pool, you may want to consult with professionals about the appropriate equipment. High-quality equipment, suitable for the swimming pool, will keep it for a longer period. It is important to know – constructed swimming pools require different monthly and annual treatments depending on the type of pool. Therefore, if you decide to build a swimming pool built, it is important to consult with an expert and consider the associated expenses.

Natural swimming pools

An ecological swimming pool is a natural swimming pool that is purified without chemicals. If in the old days, anyone could swim and wash in the water that nature gave us, unfortunately, today it is impossible. Concern for health and fear of disease, especially in Western culture, has made bathing in water purified by chemicals the only option. To purify the water, the human species destroys every form of life in the water, especially the microscopes.

Today, people understand that in order to be healthy and to live properly, the good in nature must be used and not changed and damaged.

Ecological swimming pools – pools that work with nature

An ecological swimming pool is, in fact, a large ornamental swimming pool divided into two areas: an area designated for human use, and an area designated for purification of water by vegetation.
Thanks to the accumulated knowledge and the technology that has developed – the experience of swimming in living water has become possible.

An ecological swimming pool has many advantages. Not only is the pool free from chemicals, the building materials themselves are environmentally friendly. People with sensitive skin or eye problems should not worry. People who swim in ecological pools claim that their bodies heat up faster, and that the water feels “soft”, without any artificial additives.

Even if you have a chlorine pool you can still convert to a natural pool.

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